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Motorized swing gate operator

Model: Swing gate operator PKMCO1
Maximum Gate Weight: 200KG
EXW Price: 180-250 USD
Lead Time: 1-5 Days
Port: Shenzhen, Shanghai or Ningbo etc.
Warranty: 2 years
Shipping: Worldwide by sea or by express delivery.

Electric swing gate opener description

DC 24V  low voltage motor, that is safe and compatible with back up power supply. Metal pinion gear driving design with low woring noise. Manual realse with secure customzied key in case of power failure. Soft start and soft stop. Easy installation and low maintenance.

Automatic sliding door operators HH130 parameters

  • Input voltage:DC24V
  • Motor’s power:40W
  • Rotational speed:250PRM
  • Rod’s running speed:1.6cm/s
  • Continous running time:5min
  • Max single-leaf length:2.5m
  • Max single-leaf weight:200KG
  • Max single-leaf weight:200KG
  • Rod’s max travel:300mm
  • Protection class:IP55
  • Noise:less than50dBa
Motorized sliding door mechanism features:

1、DC 24V low voltage motor that is safe and compatible with back up power supply.
2、Metal pinion gear driving design with low working noise.
3、Manual release with secure customized key in case of power failure.
4、Soft start and slow stop.
5、Adjust opening /closing interval time of double gate leaves.
6、Auto-stop if any obstacles detected during operation.
7、Built-in max motor running time adjustable for multiple safety protection.
8、Separately adjust the force of double gate leaves.
8、Single leaf or double leaves operation.
9、Easy installation and low maintenance.
10、2 years  guarantee; lifelong post sales service.

Solar swing gate opener installation
How to connect solar power system with our automatic swing gate opener:
Solar swing gate opener