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Ressort de plancher

Model: Floor Spring HD8000
Maximum Door Weight: 100KG/120KG/150KG
Closing force: EN2, EN3,EN4 for optional
EXW Price: 10-24 USD
Délai de livraison : 1-5 jours
Port : Shenzhen, Shanghai ou Ningbo, etc.
Garantie : 2 ans
Expédition : Dans le monde entier par voie maritime ou par livraison express.

Suitable for various situations like office, shopping mall, hospital, hotel, restaurant, kitchen and other buildings. 

Floor spring machine description:

Concealed door hardware, applicable for glass door, wooden door, aluminum door and frame door. Almost invisible and ensure that your doors will close themselves after opening. Suitable for high traffic doors.

Automatic sliding door operators HH130 parameters

  • Max.Door weight: 150KG
  • Door width: 900-1250mm
  • Hold Open: 90° or NHO
  • Maximum Open Degree: 130 degree
  • Speed control: Two Section Speed Control
  • Closing Force: EN2, EN3,EN4 for optional
  • Cycles Test: 500,000
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Iron
  • Different Cam for Optional: Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan and so on
Installation :

1, Draw lines and make floor spring pivot center and door-nippivot coincide with each other.
2, Drill holes on the floor according to the instructions. The sizes of the holes must tightly match the floor spring.
3, Place the floor spring into the holes and position it.
4, Raise the door leaf installed with door – nip, and insert the floor spring pivot into the hole of the door leaf.
5, Adjust the screws at three directions, make them vertical and the upper and lower pivot center coincide with each other.
6, Adjust the speed of the door closing.
7, Put the decoration cover on the floor spring.

Floor spring projects:
Floor spring projects
Workshop for floor spring
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