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Electric sliding glass door operator, powered pedestrian door mechanism, auto close sliding door system, remote control automatic door China

Automatic Sliding Door Operator HH130/HH150

Model: Electric Sliding Glass Door HH-130/150
Maximum Door Weight: 130KG/150KG
EXW Price: 270-360 USD
Délai de livraison : 1-5 jours
Port : Shenzhen, Shanghai ou Ningbo, etc.
Garantie : 2 ans
Expédition : Dans le monde entier par voie maritime ou par livraison express.

Convient à diverses situations telles que le bureau, le centre commercial, la banque, l'hôpital, l'hôtel, le restaurant, la cuisine et la porte du patio, etc.

Electric sliding door opener description

The control device of automatic door system contains basic function and extensional function, automatic operation/hold-open/closed/half-open to meet customer needs. Control device has multiple interfaces for choosing various connectors such as: safety beam photocell, electric locks, etc. Its drive devices adopts European technology to integrate motor with gear box, which offers strong driving and reliable operation and increased power output , it can adapt to a large door

Automatic sliding door operators HH130/150 parameters

  • Power supply: AC 90V-250V, 50-60Hz
  • Moteur : moteur sans balai 24V, 80W, 2300rpm
  • Vitesse d'ouverture : Max 500mm/s (réglable)
  • Vitesse de fermeture : Max 450mm/s (réglable)
  • Temps de pause à l'ouverture : 0~60s (réglable)
  • Max leaf weight: 130/150kgs/leaf (single opening), 120/140kgs/leaf (double opening)
  • Manual open force: Single leaf<40N, double door<50N 
  • Door leaf width: Single leaf DW=700-1300mm, Double leaf DW=600-1250mm
  • Track length: 2.1 and 4.2m
  • Température de fonctionnement : -20°C~70°C
  • Battery charger: able to open and close 200 times during a power cut (optional)
Mécanisme de porte coulissante motorisée :

With intelligent design, easy to install and adjustable
–Anti-clamp function to make the mechanism more safe.
–Door will be able to working about 3 hours or 200times(open and close) during a power cut (optional)
–Five different functions with remote or function keypad: always open, half open, exit only, lock, normal open.
–The half open situation can be adjusted, so it can be 1/3 open, 1/4 open, and so on.
–The door’s working time can be adjusted, 3 functions: always work, work 5000times and work 10000times.( only for HH130, HH150)
–Good solution for accessories, for example, finger printer, remote control, push button, access keypad, security sensor, fire alarm, and son on.

Installation :
Electric sliding door installations
Electric sliding door installation

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