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Automatic Sliding Door operator HH150

–Anti-clamp function to make the mechanism more safe.

 –When working with battery, the door will keep open if there is no power.

 –Five different functions with remote or function keypad: always open, half open, exit only, lock,  normal open.

 –Working with electronic lock or manual lock can be more security.

 –Good solution for accessories, for example, finger printer, remote control, push button, access keypad, security sensor, fire alarm, etc.

Automatic sliding door operator HH150 description

1. Adopting European motor and gearbox integration technology, the drive is strong, the operation is stable, the output power is improved, and it can adapt to the needs of larger doors.
2. Suitable for office buildings, storefronts, banks, restaurants, hotels,shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other places.
3. The microcomputer control system drives the motor and controls the door to operate in the set mode. Wide voltage power supply design, many interface such as double door interlock.
4. Special lubrication measures, special deceleration mute wheel,professionally designed hanging parts and roller structure greatly reduce the running noise.
5. Every time there is a self-test procedure, the door will rebound when it encounters resistance, which fully guarantees the safety of the passers-by.

Motorized sliding door features

** ISO9001&CE certificated
** With high silicon rubber aluminum wheel hanger roller
** A highly intelligent multi-CPU control system, providing easy adjustable  function and high security performance
** Low noise design (<45db)
** Energy-saving, sound proofing
** When the power is off, can choose the backup batteries to keep the door in normal operation
**Microcomputer intelligent control and humanized mechanical configuration.
**Powerful 24V DC reared motor provides excellent thermal equipped and quiet operator.Specially-designed sealing system has good tightness, ensuring no oil leakage
**Safety radar, ensure safe passage.
**Easy Installation: The 4.2meter length aluminum base is cut as specified, and all parts are mounted on the base at the factory.
**The unique self-locking function, need not extra accessories, full function remote control device, safe and reliable.
**Five different functions with remote control function keypad: Always open, half open, exit only, lock, normal open.


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