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Semi Auto Sliding Door Closer

Model: Semi Auto Sliding Door Closer
Maximum Door Weight: 150KG
EXW Price: 80-160 USD
Prazo de execução: 1-5 dias
Porto: Shenzhen, Shanghai ou Ningbo etc.
Garantia: 2 anos
Envio: Para todo o mundo por via marítima ou por correio expresso.

Adequado para várias situações, como escritório, centro comercial, banco, hospital, hotel, restaurante, cozinha e porta do pátio, etc.

Semi-auto slide door closer description

  1. Self Closing Sliding Door Closer can be used on timber ; aluminum, glass, barn door sliding doors. Patio ;Backyard;Store shop ;hospital;freezer,workshop; etc…
  2. Easy to install – just a few simple steps.
  3. Keeps children and pets safe from wandering out and gives you peace of mind especially if you have a pool.
  4. Energy Saver- without electric and Reduces cooling and heating by keeping the door closed.
  5. Door Speed can be adjustable to slow the door down as a child safety feature to prevent injury.

Auto close sliding door hardware parameters

  • Power supply: No need power supply
  • Material: Aluminum allory
  • Specs: Customized length
  • Max. Door Width: 1450mm
  • Max leaf weight:150kgs/leaf 
  • Manual open force: Single leaf<50N, double door<50N 
  • Advantage: Can be adjust closing speed and keep door open
  • Test cycles: Up 2 million open life tests
self back sliding door closer
Self closing sliding door mechanism installation:

1, Slide the fixed based to the end of the door closer, and position the door closer horizontally along the top of the sliding door.
2, Fix the bases on the doorframe matching the length of the door closer, A end is in the direction of pushing door open.
3, Embed the closer into two bases firmly.
4, Combine the L-shaped bracket and the door bracket together and become a connector.
5, Insert A end into the T-shaped slot, and A end can be moved back and forth in the slot.
6, Fix three screws, the connector should be vertical to A end of the door closer.
7, Regulate and test the door closer, please see Function and Usage of Door Closer for details, cover the plastic cap on the connector. Assembly completed.

Function and Usage of Door Closer
When the door closer is installed, test two stage speeds to close door. If the door is closed in appropriate speed, no need to regulate.
Regulate two stage speeds. The weight of each door is different, so we have to regulate two stage speeds of closing the door via rotating the B end of the door closer. Clockwise, speed up, counterclockwise, speed down.
For door sizes difference, the length of the door closer can be adjusted.
Keep the door open by pulling A end to the bottom.

sliding door closer

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