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Automatic Swing gate wheel type

Model: Swing gate opener PKMAO1
Maximum Door Weight: 600/1000/1800kg
EXW Price: 200-300 USD
Délai de livraison : 1-5 jours
Port : Shenzhen, Shanghai ou Ningbo, etc.
Garantie : 2 ans
Expédition : Dans le monde entier par voie maritime ou par livraison express.


Wheel swing gate opener description

Mounted in the bottom of the middle door. Compare with other type swing gate opener, it’s easy to install, and can be DIY for customer. It will automatically locked when closed completed. Not have gate width limitation. And all parts are well protects, can be used in bad environment like wind or raining days. 

Rolling automatic swing gate operators parameters

  • Power supply: AC 90V-250V, 50-60Hz
  • Motor: DC 24V, 100W
  • Environment Temperature( ℃ ): -30°C~70°C
  • Remote Distance: 50M
  • Push Force: 600N
  • Speed: 10-15m/min
  • Drop Off Tolerance: 0-300mm
  • Weight: 23KG
  • Backup battery: Yes
Motorized swing gate mechanism features:

1. Anti-collision design: when the door body travel is completed, only after press reverse key, the motor can be activated so that the over-travel can be avoided.
2.Motor time protection: Avoid long time running when travel failure, the time set to 2-90 seconds.
3. Auto close function: the time can be adjusted from 1~120 seconds.
4. Motor force adjustment: motor running force can be adjusted in separate. When barrier blocks, the door stops travel in case of clamping people or object.
5.Motor running speed adjustment: the running speed of the motor can be adjusted.
6.High security D33 with remote control functions: sensitive remote control, far remote control distance, strong anti interference, and adopt the most advanced jump code technology, higher security and confidentiality compared with the traditional remote controller now on the market (with 6561 groups of code number) . The password number up to 1000000 groups, and can not be cracked.
7.Anti-clamping function: when barrier blocks the infrared rays, the door stops travel and moves reversely in case of clamping people or object.
8.LED display fault detection: it is easy to use and maintain through LED screen.

Installation :
swing gate opener
Underground swing gate opener

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