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Articulated Automatic Swing Gate

Model: Articulated Auto Swing Gate: PKM-B01
Maximum Gate Weight: 300KG
EXW Price: 270-360 USD
Lead Time: 1-5 Days
Port: Shenzhen, Shanghai or Ningbo etc.
Warranty: 2 years
Shipping: Worldwide by sea or by express delivery.

Suitable for various swing gate, single or double open gate.

Articulated type auto swing gate opener description

set the soft start time
set the level of stall force
set the auto close time after swipe card
set the interval time
set auto close time
set lamp/alarm output control
set lock time
choose single/double gate open
choose photocell work in NC or NO

Automatic swinging gate actuator PKM-B01 parameters

  • Motor: 24V DC motor, 80W
  • Working speed: Max 2.4m/s (Adjustable)
  • Max single-leaf length: 2.8M
  • Max single-leaf weight: 300KG
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Material:  Stainless steel
  • Working Cycle Time: 11 Second (90°opening)
  • Working Currency: 0.9A
  • Operating temperature: -20°C~70°C
  • Solar power
Motorized swing gate mechanism features:

1.Clutch device for power failure,use a special key release clutch,operate the gate manually.
2.Stop working when gate meets obstacle.
3.Soft start and soft stop ,avoid some accidents
4.Metal pinion gear driving design with low working noise 
5.Adjustable opening/closing interval between master and slave gate.
6.Adjusting residence sensitivity
7. 24VDC Swing gate opener can work for solar power system and back up battery 

swing gate installation
optional accessories for auto gate