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Linear Magnetic Drive Automatic Sliding Door System

Model: Maglev Sliding Door Opener F30/F40/E
Maximum Door Weight: 70/100/150/250KG
EXW Price: 280-460 USD
Tempo di consegna: 1-5 giorni
Porto: Shenzhen, Shanghai o Ningbo ecc.
Garanzia: 2 anni
Spedizione: In tutto il mondo via mare o con corriere espresso.

Operator is modern and elegant for interior design. It can be combined with most glass, aluminum or wooden doors. Suitable for various like office, clinic, kitchen, toilet room, shower room, hospital, patio door, pocket door, TV and wardrobe cabinet.

Linear magnatic drive automatic sliding door description

Our LMD electric sliding door opener is a futurism sliding entrance system powered by linear magnetic drive technology (LMD) and designed for any modern interior, whether commercial or residential. 

Operate the door by the no contact magnetic levitation force without a toothed belt. Provide a quiet and smooth operation. The principle is the repulsion of the same poles and attraction of the opposite poles. Two parallel magnetic fields are divided into many uniformly sized N and S poles. The driving forces are generated with the continuous conversion of the magnetic field so that the door panel moves continuously.

Also it is designed for those who use wheelchairs or other aids, can be controlled by sensors, switches, or other access control with electric lock.

Caratteristiche della porta scorrevole magnetica

1. Push & Go:
By lightly pull or push the door to the open direction for 3-5cm, the doors will gently and silently open. This is ideal for domestic and health care applications.
2, Smooth and slient operation
No belt design, no contact movement, driven by magnetic force, less mechanism parts, quiet and comfortable working condition.
3, Safety:
Magnetic linear actuator is constantly monitoring door speed and its position. Keep children and senior in safe condition.
4, Prefect safety return function:
With the door at any time to detect the speed, when the human body or obstacle touch the door. The door will do reverse movement, to ensure safe return function. 
5, Emergency use: 
In case of a power failure, the door is free to open by hand without any resistance.


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