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Motorized Swing Door Operator SW100

Model: Swing Door Operator SW100/slim
Peso massimo della porta: 100 kg
Prezzo EXW: 180-250 USD
Tempo di consegna: 1-3 giorni
Porto: Shenzhen, Shanghai o Ningbo ecc.
Garanzia: 2 anni
Spedizione: In tutto il mondo via mare o con corriere espresso.

It suitable for various situations, ranging from residential access to high traffic commercial entrances, such as hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, banks, hotels and restaurants, etc. Also it can be used as handicap swing door.

Electric swing door opener description

Automatic sliding door SW100 is a stable and simple SWING DOOR OPERATOR, Max weight is 100kgs. Easy installation and adjustment, suitable for DIY!
This model can connect with sensor and Photocell to active the door and offer safety
Extra automatic door components is also well fit, such as key switch, function pad, accessories.

Automatic swinging door operators SW100 parameters

  • Dimensions: 215*95*80mm(LWH)
    Operator Weight: 8kgs
    Door weight: Max 100kgs
    Ambient temperature: -20~+50℃
    Operation voltage: AC 200V-250V
    Power supply external consumer: 24V DC(+-10%),3A
    Door opening angle: Max 120º
    Opening speed: 45º/s
    Closing speed: 45º/s
    Hold-open time: 0-60s
    Protection class: IP42

The SW100 drive unit operates with low noise, reliable performance and safe use, providing more convenience for living and working environments.
The SW100 is a new upgraded transformer-less drive that offers a wider range of supply power voltages. Provides interfaces such as sensors, access control, and security sensor protection, and is equipped with interfaces for magnetic electric lock and backup battery too.
UPS power can be configured to meet security requirements.
Both them can realize Interlocking function between door and door.
If touch obstacles or personnel in operation, the door will open in the opposite direction.
Applicable to office buildings, storefronts, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other places.

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