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Sistema di porte scorrevoli telescopiche

Model: Telescopic Sliding Door Opener TS200 Opener track size: Each track 63mm*48mm
Maximum Door Weight: 200KG
EXW Price: 600-800 USD
Lead Time: 3-7 Days
Porto: Shenzhen, Shanghai o Ningbo ecc.
Garanzia: 2 anni
Spedizione: In tutto il mondo via mare o con corriere espresso.

Suitable for various situations like office, shopping mall, bank, hospital, hotel, restaurant, kitchen and patio door etc.

Linear magnatic drive telescopic sliding door description

Automatic telescopic sliding door openers are best solution for entrances with limited space, partition or want to expand and maximize opening width to narrow entrance door. It can be two moving door panels and one fixed door panel, or three moving door panels and one fixed door panel, or without fixed door panel.

Caratteristiche della porta scorrevole magnetica

1. Push & Go:
By lightly pushing the door in the open direction for 3cm, the operator will gently and silently open. 
2, Smooth and quiet opening and closing:
Using magnetic levitation as a driving force, so that the door opening and closing movement to achieve an unprecedented high degree of smooth and quiet.
3, With excellent safety return function:
With the door at any time to detect the speed, when the human body or obstacle hit the door. The door will do reverse movement, to ensure safe return function. Also can use safety sensor for guarantee. 
4, Emergency use: 
In case of a power failure, the door is free to open by hand without any resistance.

Telescopic automatic sliding door opener parameters

Door opening: One side or bi-parting opening.
Door leaf: (movable leaf + fixed leaf)2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 2+0, 3+0, 4+0
Door weight: All movable leaf total weight less than 200kg
Opening/Closing speed: 250-500mm/s (adjustable)
Voltage: 220V/110V
Opening delay time: 2-30s (adjustable)
Manual Open Force:<10N
Power consumption:<100W

We also provide 400kg telescopic sliding door system. It’s direct drive motor(no reduce gear motor). Compact track size for various sliding door projects.


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